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  • General Medicine
    A general medicine doctor (therapist, praktický lékař) is a generalist, his competence includes issues of early diagnosis and treatment of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, liver, kidneys, cardiovascular, genitourinary systems, skin, metabolic disorders and others
  • Dermatology
    A dermatologist deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and pathologies of the skin.
  • Cosmetology
    The activity of a cosmetologist is aimed at determining the type of skin and improving its condition.
  • Aesthetic medicine
    Aesthetic medicine is a branch of beauty and health, which is aimed at correcting a person's appearance with the help of medical technologies.
  • Rehabilitation
    Medical rehabilitation is a set of measures aimed at the maximum possible restoration of the patient's lost abilities after various diseases.
  • Massage
    Massage is the most effective means of healing the body, improving the physical and emotional state, getting rid of headaches of various kinds, and many other positive effects on health.
  • Baby massage
    Baby massage is not only the prevention of various diseases, but also a way to treat a child, help in its development.
  • Psycology
    A psychologist is a specialist who helps to cope with psychological problems, stressful situations, helps to build relationships, etc.
  • Select of a specialist on request
    At Medicare, we can find any specialist. Simply fill out the application form.
About us
"Mediccare" is a dynamically developing private medical center with an integrated approach to the treatment and diagnosis of various diseases.

The center presents more than 25 areas of medical activity: from diagnostics to surgical interventions.

We strive to provide high quality medical care and a good level of service, using modern equipment and advanced treatment methods. Our goal is to help you solve your health problems and increase your life expectancy so that you stay active and energetic for many years to come.
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